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Seller Representation

"The same degree of effort, creativity,
and strategic planning it takes to build
a business should be employed to sell it."

Every step we take in representing a seller, from preparation, to presentation, to negotiation, and ultimately closing has a strategy behind it. A strategy designed to generate premiums above fair market value.

A Profile that Promotes
The Confidential Business Profile is the primary document we use to develop buyers' interest in a company. Detailed financial information is certainly included, but more importantly, the profile promotes the intangible elements of the company, such as reputation, management strength, information systems, quality assurance, clinical protocols, and a host of other items that can substantiate value premiums.

The Numbers behind the Numbers
Determining representative financial figures goes far beyond just adding back interest, taxes, and owner's perks. It requires industry specific knowledge in accounting, billing, operations, and performance benchmarks, not to mention plain good instincts. The type of knowledge and instincts our group has gained with over 75 years of combined professional and academic experience.

A Pricing Strategy, Not a Valuation
There is a big difference between the value of a business and the price it can ultimately sell for. Understanding and capitalizing on this difference is what ultimately drives a great price. Therefore, we use the valuation of a company only as a starting point in developing an aggressive, pro-active pricing strategy. A strategy that is based upon identifying the buyers that could benefit most from the unique attributes each company brings to the table.

A Pool of Buyers, Broad and Deep
As specialists in the health care industry, we have developed an extensive database of qualified buyers - public and private, national and regional, strategic and financial, established and emerging, some that may be familiar, and many that are not. We then leverage years of intelligence gathered on buyers to create a focused and strategically conceived prospect pool.

The Subtle Side of Negotiation
Although a successful negotiation can sometimes be attributable to a single critical move, it's usually the combination of many subtle strategies we employ that ultimately makes for a great deal. The look and content of presentations. The timing of communications. The tenor of the voice. The response to objections. The power of patience. Therefore we consider every contact with a buyer, from initial presentation to closing, as an opportunity to advance our negotiating strategy.

The Details that Make the Deal
We never forget that the difference between a good deal and a great one often comes down to details. Items such as deal structure, escrow, non-competes, reps and warranties, employment agreements, indemnification, and guarantees. Accordingly we pay close attention to every aspect of the deal, from the letter of intent, to due diligence, to the definitive purchase agreement, and ultimately closing.

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