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Dexter Braff at Home Care 100 Conference
Photo courtesy of Home Care 100 Executive Management Conference
A Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Company

Below are brief abstracts of our current seminar offerings. Slides and handouts for each program are available upon request.

For printable version, download 2012 Seminar Offerings

Are You Leaving Money on the Table? The 10 Most Common (and Costly) Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling Their Agencies

Selling a business can be complicated. But the dream of selling a homecare business can easily turn into a nightmare. In this session, we discuss the 10 most common, and costly mistakes sellers make when selling their home care agencies. In particular, we will focus on financial, clinical, and operating issues including mistakes in revenue recognition, inaccuracies in preparing financial statements, mishandling working capital requirements, compliance, disclosure, and more. Additionally, we will discuss process mistakes including getting the timing wrong, pursuing sequential vs. parallel strategies, not developing BATNAs (Best Alternatives to Negotiated Agreements) and working with advisors. Finally, we will discuss the value of conducting a pre-transaction mock due diligence in order to reveal many of the issues discussed above. This session will include discussion of real world scenarios and solutions to some of the most vexing potential M&A pitfalls.

The Current State of Home Care Mergers and Acquisitions (this can be customized by industry)

Acquisition interest in the home care sector has increased substantially in the recent past. There are many reasons why, one of the biggest being the phenomenal growth in this market, and potential future growth with the aging of America. It is incumbent upon buyers and sellers in this market to understand the intricacies of home care, and what sets them apart in terms of size, service and customer relationships. This workshop will explain how these factors impact acquisition and divestiture strategies. If you are looking to sell your agency, or expand by buying/merging other agencies, you will learn the fundamentals of valuation, and strategies for buying or selling. We will discuss our expectations of what the future holds for home care mergers and acquisitions.

When Good Valuations Go Bad:  Common Errors and Misconceptions in Business Valuation

It’s a long way from valuation theory to the real world of health care mergers and acquisitions.  In this session we will discuss the most common errors and misconceptions we see in home care business valuations today – issues that are critical to the success (or failure) of an M&A strategy.  Among other topics, we will discuss how even the most basic elements of valuation such as multiples, earnings, and assets and liabilities, are frequently misunderstood, and the impact these misconceptions can have on valuation and pricing conclusions.

When is the Right Time to Sell?

One of the most difficult questions owners must face is when is the right time to sell (if at all)?  This presentation provides a framework for discussion that can balance the emotions of such an important decision.  When you think about it, the decision to sell or not sell can be restated in a simple, yet elusive question.    Does the future provide me with enough upside opportunity to compensate me for the risk of not selling today?   In other words, would I be better off holding on to the business with the expectation that future growth in revenues and profits are so substantial, that they are worth the risk?  Or would I be better off selling today and avoid the downside risks of changes in reimbursement, competition, and managed care?  Essentially, this program quantifies the risk vs. the reward.

Getting A Deal Done - Ten Steps to a Successful Sale

A presentation of 10 critical strategies used for maximizing value in the sale of a home health, hospice, or private duty home care agency. We will help you determine the best time to bring your agency to market, and how to recast your own financials for presentation to prospective buyers. We will also show you how to deploy negotiation strategies for maximizing transaction value.

Comments from Previous Presentations

“Good information – very relative to my job and life.  Best in Show” 
--Northern New England Home Care Conference

“Thank you again for your incredible hard work in helping Day One of the Conference to be such a great success”
-- …home health line’s Art of the Deal Conference

“Great session – very knowledgeable.  Excellent speaker…kept everyone’s attention”
--Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers

“Very cool!  Great speaker”
--New York Medical Equipment Providers Association

“Great fun!  Very entertaining and informative”
--Pacific Association for Medical Equipment Services

“Dexter is very skilled at managing the room”
--HME Business Summit

“Great leader of a discussion that could have easily gotten out of control”
 --HME Business Summit

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