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Buyer Representation
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"The Braff Group has built a reputation
for honesty and integrity. A reputation
earned by making every effort to always
get the most accurate information and
to present it fairly."

Enabling Transactions
While we exclusively represent sellers, we nevertheless bring value to buyers. Our clients are qualified sellers.

Once we have specific acquisition criteria, we keep buyers apprised of attractive acquisition opportunities as they arise, greatly reducing the search phase of an acquisition strategy.

We have dedicated resources to collect, process, and analyze key financial, operating, marketing, clinical, regulatory, and other company data. Presented in a clearly written and concise Confidential Business Profile, we give buyers the information necessary to make informed and confident acquisition decisions.

We recognize the variety of ways deals can be structured. Accordingly, we counsel clients early on not to unnecessarily or prematurely eliminate certain options and to remain flexible in considering and evaluating alternatives.

We understand the pressure buyers are under to verify compliance with reimbursement, regulatory, and other legal matters. Accordingly, we begin discussing due diligence with our clients long before the execution of a letter of intent. Therefore they are well prepared to gather and organize requisite materials and schedules.

Additionally, with literally hundreds of details that must be addressed in every deal, we act as the clearing house for all open items. Thus, we get deals closed.

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